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Extra Curricular Activities

ESUHS is proud to provide a wealth of opportunity and challenge through a carefully crafted, and expertly delivered, Enrichment Programme. Our outstanding facilities and inspiring staff, nurture students to discover their passion and reach their potential, regardless of ability or aspiration. Our aim is to provide the spark that lights the flame in each student and help keep it burning.

All pupils are encouraged to participate widely across academic, art, performance, language, design and sporting activities, all of which are focused around bespoke learning journeys and outcomes.

In addition to the subject-specific skills, much sought-after ‘soft skills’ of leadership, collaboration, resilience and perseverance that help prepare students for life are central to our programme.

Additionally, we offer lunchtime Enrichment Clubs, as well as a wide range of extra-curricular activities and competitive opportunities, to challenge our students further. Our diverse Creative and Performing Arts curriculum comprises art and design, creative writing, music, drama, dance and ballet, debate and public speaking.

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